Sunday, April 15, 2007


Your own zero-configuration web server

One month ago, a customer who's using a client/server application I've created for his office asked me if it's possible to make a simple web form where customers can add orders to his system using a web browser. Of course it's possible, one way is to contract with a web hosting provider and upload some CGI or PHP programs, another way is by installing a web server like Apache or IIS into his office and connect it to Internet, but both methods involves some degree of configuration.

A third method is the creation of a stand alone web/application server installed on one of his computers just like any other program, without any configuration. I suggested him to use IntraWeb or WebBroker, and the system was developed using IntraWeb.

After that small requirement I'd keep dreaming of a very small, fast and multiplatform (Win32/Linux/Bsd) stand alone web server and endded up with a working version of the project.

A first usable version of the server can be downloaded from here. It's based on the HttpServ example of Synapse, It's multithreaded, 100% Object Pascal and compiles without modifications with Delphi and FreePascal.

Looking for voluntieers

I know this can be the starting point of a very interesting project, and I'll be very happy to find some enthusiasts who can contribute with code and Ideas, so if you are one of them feel free to contact me.
Indy's httpserver works on the targets you name.
hey leo, great work you've doing!
I'll steal some ideas, he he

Kind regards
Theres a new webserver available at pwu (Powerfull Web Utils, Powtils, Pascal Server Pages, whatever its called this week)...
Yes, the server published at PWU is called NYume, a small and very fast one. The problem with it is, it only compiles with FPC, and I needed to compile an embedded web server with both, Delphi and FPC.

Thank you anyway.
JorgeAldo, sorry, I reply to you without confirming that you posted a new Embedded Web Server in PWU forums.

I'll test your implementation this week.
Hi leonardo, your download link dousnt work, please help. thanks
Sorry Peter, the code was on Geocities, now defunct...but you can use the httpserv example of Synapse anyway.
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