Friday, June 23, 2006


Example added

In order to finalize this series of articles related to interfacing objects with Dll's i've added an example (as promised on my last post) you can download from this url.

Feel free to post comments about the example and/or propose alternatives.
Hello,i can download the example because it is no longer available.Could you please reupload it.I find this article very interesting ;)

The link to the source code is indeed unavailable! Can you please make it work again for us?
Thank you.
Sadly, I used to host code snippets in Geocities, now defunct. I can't find the sample in my machine.

The idea is to create a virtual-abstract class to act as a wrapper of the passed object (the object is passed as a simple TObject, remember), then simply cast this object with the virtual abstract class on the dll.

If you don't use this method, you'll have to have declared the *real* class in the main program and the dll.
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