Wednesday, June 25, 2008


FileSharer on GoogleCode

After receiving a long list of emails from FileSharer users asking for the source code, I decided to Open Source a Lite version of it.

If you want to add/improve something, please contact me by mail.

The code is here (currently only SVN access):
Very intersting your application. I'm using and i like it.

You'll do a login, with username and pass? how could i help you?
Currently FileSharer **HAS** this feature, just copy the Simpleath.dll library in the same folder of FileSharer, then open FileSharer.exe and look for the "Authentication" tab.

You have to add users, then click on "Share" button, go to the web browser and you'll see a Log In window asking for a user/pass.

This is a very simple method of authentication, in the future, the administrator will can set which folders can be viewed/used by each user.

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