Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ajax from ObjectPascal!

If you dreamed of creating Ajax/Web 2.0 applications using your favorite ObjectPascal compiler, and thought it's a difficult task because of JavaScript/CSS/DOM, and the lack of wrappers similar to those found in another languages. Now your dream come true thanks to ExtPascal, an Object Pascal wrapper to ExtJs.

ExtPascal allows to build Ajax applications pretty much the same way you program GUI based applications using Delphi, Lazarus or MseIde/MseGUI...not visually, but coding (trust me, it's very easy).

Some examples

To begin internalizing this concept, you can see some examples from the ExtPascal site, or going to ExtJs's samples site. So, if you liked what you saw, then start by reading this Getting Started tutorial and have fun!
ive done some work on a pascal to javascript translator:

its on powtils svn,

/tools/pasjs directory.
Thanks Jorge, can you post the complete SVN url?. It could help readers to checkout the complete PowTils source.

I prefer to use Morfik to do Ajax from ObjectPascal, i think is easier

Rafael Liriano
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