Tuesday, April 01, 2008


New version of FileSharer!

Hi, I improved FileSharer by adding two new exciting features: What are you waiting for? download it now!

A couple of screenshots:

Thanks very much.
can u also show a download progress in connection tab? I think this will not be to hard :)
Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. I'll try to add it in the next version.
Just wanted to comment that you're program has been welcomed at boot-land, but there is a bit of doubt on how to use it. Can you show more screenshots of what to use to browse to the shared files using the IP that is given by FilreSharer.

I didnt have an account with blog so I had to use Anonymous.

Thanks, TheHive.
I found your app at the about.com fancy delphi app contest. Very nice. Is the source available for the latest version?
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