Thursday, August 19, 2010


FreePascal 64bits Port for FreeBSD 8.x

Since a couple of days, the users of FreeBSD 8.x can enjoy developing with FPC 2.4.0 64bits!.

Just update the ports tree and compile FPC.

portsnap fetch update
cd /usr/ports/lang/fpc
make install clean

If you want to compile the bleeding edge 2.5.1, you can start with this compiler and follow the same instructions as my last post.

Thats all.
hello Leonardo, i would like to know if freepascal is a good tool (in your experience) to make programs for iphone / imac and linux and something very important ¿what ide do you use to make this programs ?
After the last news from embarcardero i am seeking new options to develop in delphi and i was thinking in freepascal or delphi prism.

Well, I use it mainly to develop Web applications and services (daemons) that must work on Linux and FreeBsd. For Win32 Desktop apps, I still use Delphi.

Regarding your iPhone/MacOSX question, I don't have those, so, I don't know if it fits well in those environments.

My main "IDE" is VIM, and I also use Lazarus, which in some aspects is better than Delphi, and has improved a lot in the recent months.
vicente: OS/X
There is no need to have X11 installed, I just mention this because it sometimes pops up.

If you are just normal guy like me porting some apps to Apple you can use the QT path for the GUI the real look and feel and more integration will come via support of the appkit (Cocoa path).

On IPhone - I cannot comment but honestly - before going via Prism you simply try out the plain Mono Touch which offers support for Xocde and MonoDevelop. I would go this step first and then check if you need what is required beyond.

Depending on what you want to do - check iWebkit. It can be enough ... depending on what you want to do.

My experience and I am relativly new too Apple concerning developments is still. Is webkit enough then use it. I am not sure if it really pays for lots of people to go deep at the moment on the IPhone/IPad in the beginning native, because tomorrow you have maybe Nokia back...., Windows Phone maybe finds it's place ... Linux embedded is still my favorit and Android. The ARM processer is not the point - it's the kits that come with the development environments.

Simply forget about GUI crossplattform in one codbase. The underlying domain model and application logic yes but the GUI is better off in a native look and feel. As long as you consider Linux/Windows you can of course already go via GTK.

Anyway happy about FPC under BSD/64bit:).
hedgewar is a pascal game and seems to be ported on ipad
and some examples

there is more in the lazarus wiki about it
so yes is possible and is nice to have native speed :)
I love your blog. I really do. The way you talked here is very informative.
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