Sunday, May 13, 2007


Sending big files to friends

A couple of weeks ago, my sister was working on an AutoCad design for an university assignment and wanted to send it to his teammate by email. She zipped it and tryed without any luck to send using her HotMail account, she can't send the file because HotMail imposes a size limitation of attachment files, and she was trying to send a 30mb file.

She called me and asked how to send big files to her friends, and I answered she can install an FTP server in her machine and a client on her teammate side...or an Apache web server and copy the files to the htdocs directory to allow others to download the file. Fortunately, I remembered her current computer is an Athlon 1100 I used for a long time with an Apache installed and working, and told her how to publish the file to allow her friend's access and download.

File Sharer

After that incident, I started to figure out a real use for the Embedded Web Server project I mentioned in my last post, and File sharer was born.

File Sharer is a small utility that allows navigation and downloading of files from a friend's computer just using a web browser. Tecnically, is a web server embedded into a simple Win32 application, once the server is started, one can access to the server's IP address and access shared files using the browser.


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